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What is the reason that wire sometimes blackens after tin coating?

Why is the wire blackened by oxidation after peeling and dipping tin? Many people think it is a climate problem. It may be that the weather is too cold, the temperature is too high or too high, etc. After many times of practical verification and improvement, it is found that the climate problem is only one of the influencing factors, but this factor can be effectively controlled.

Untreated copper wire or tinned copper wire can also be oxidized without touching tin. Copper is oxidized in two steps in air, first with oxygen to generate copper oxide; Then copper oxide reacts with carbon dioxide and water in the air to form green copper rust. The oxidation of copper is a normal chemical reaction. The higher the weather humidity is, the more water droplets will attach to the surface of the product. The more stagnant the air is or the lower the temperature is, the more difficult the water droplets on the surface will be to volatilize, thus accelerating the oxidation reaction between copper and air, causing the blackening of the electronic wire after tin.

Another case is that soldering flux is used when tin is dipped. After tin is heated, the flux will enter the wire copper wire and cause slight oxidation and blackening of the wire, which is also one of the common cases. Then, will the blackening of copper wire caused by tin staining affect the use? The answer is that it will not affect the use, as long as the wire sheath is intact and free of damage, the slight oxidation of the copper wire will not affect the use.

So the most suitable way to solve the problem of tin on the electronic line is to use vacuum and isolation technology and isolation film forming technology, which can form a completely transparent layer outside the tin point of the product, and can completely decompose after high temperature, which can make the oxidation resistance time of the product as long as one year. In fact, nickel plating and gold plating of the product also use this technology.

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